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Life’s a journey. Here’s a bit about mine.

I realized I’d been living a very surface version of Spirituality.

I clearly remember flying as a child and the crushing disappointment the night I could no longer pull out of my chest and ascend.  The density of earth had settled in.

It was clear to me in my early twenties that Western Medicine wasn’t the answer, the world was run by ‘five guys in Geneva’ (what a creepy truth that turned out to be!) and there was absolutely one Source of all existence.

(This was in direct contrast to the utter flakiness with which I ran so much of my life.) 

At times I heard audible voices in my head, and often clearly ‘knew things’ when I walked into a room. Once while standing in a group of women, I popped out of my body and, looking down, wasn’t sure which one was me. (Obviously I figured it out.)

Throughout my life I immersed myself in Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and later, Eckhart Tolle. I was determined to find the secret to happiness.

As focused as I was on my personal growth, I realize now that I had been living a very surface version of Spirituality.

It was when, through meditation and a deep, soulful asking, that spirit became tangible in my life. I started channeling ‘off-planet’ wisdom, feeling the energy of my deceased loved ones merge with mine and was gifted with a sense of knowing that is my guiding force today.

My understanding of spirit, who we really are and what the Universe is truly about has changed dramatically. Our infinite, eternal existence is magical, awe inspiring and exciting. 

You are a Divine Master Creator. We all are.

And that’s the best part of it all.

My Promise to You

To offer encouragement and support to each of you who desires to uncover the whole story of who you are and to assist you in connecting with the energies that will grow you into your full potential.

To continue learning and sharing as much as possible about the truth of our life here on earth and our place in this magnificent Universe. The story we’ve been told is not reality — the real truth is much more magnificent.

You are a Divine Master Creator, we all are. Join me, and together we’ll step further into the truth that belongs to all of us.

The Truth Matters

What happens to our sense of reality when we realize the world we live in is much different than we’ve been told? How do we find others that will join us and support us on the path of learning and unfoldment?

Come with me and our growing community of avid learners and soul searchers as we journey into the magnificence of who we really are.

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