My quantum healing session with Kimberly was dramatic and powerful, yet calming at the same time. I was seeking clarification and that is precisely what I received through the images, revelations and insights that seemed to percolate up from my very soul. I received messages of comfort and love from those who have passed on and overall I felt a clear sense of confirmation and reassurance that the path I’m on is the right one for me. It likely would have taken my conscious mind years to reach this conclusion! 
Lee G.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Your transformational journey starts now. Experience the fullness that is your true essence, travel to unknown realms and rediscover the wisdom that lives inside you. 

I’m currently offering to session types:

Quantum Healing Past Life Journey

Connect with a Loved One on the Other Side

I am so very grateful for the past life regression I had with Kimberly Montgomery. The intensity of the session was powerful, eye opening, and explained so many things to me that involve this incarnation. I was also able to connect with my loved one in spirit on a different level. I left the reading feeling empowered and felt a deeper sense of healing.

Tina G.

High-Energy Guidance

Looking to raise your vibe and connect in a high frequency way? Join me for an hour of transformational thinking, sharing and growing. I’d love to hear your challenges and share high-energy guidance to open your path and soothe your soul.

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